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Tomassi Coffee

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A journey around the world. Ethiopia, Burundi, Guatemala, Tanzania, Kenya, China, Rwanda, Mexio, Brazil, Colombia. From the candor of Mexico that introduces specialty coffee to an expectant world, to the pride of Colombia, from the harmony of Guatemala to the intensity of Ethiopia – the various coffee aromas manage to carry us far away.

Tomassi coffee

A dreamlike aroma

Tomassi Specialty Coffee - Academy


2018 Italian roasting Champion

The Tomassi Specialty Coffee story begins in 2013 in Aprilia, in the province of Latina, when Emanuele Tomassi, master roaster and owner of a well-known local bar, decides to develop the idea of a specialty coffee culture as an alternative to the very traditional reality of an ‘espresso’ coffee at the bar.

Passion, ambition and dedication have all helped Mr Tomassi to win a great many awards over the years, such as the first prize at the Italian Championship of Coffee Roasting in 2018 and 2024.

His project benefits from the help of his wife Elena and one of his three children, Andrè, who, despite being very young, seems well on his way to following in his father’s footsteps.

The passion and dedication of the Tomassi family is also apparent in their approach to choosing the best quality coffee beans and other raw products – which often means going in person to farms in order to establish not only a professional relationship with the production team, but also a human one.
Their work ethic hasn’t neglected issues such as traceability and sustainability, which emerge, not only during the roasting process, but also at the moment of labelling. In fact, every blend is packaged with extensive details from the production farm to the variety, from the processing method to the altitude of the plantation, from the original origin to the actual city, from the roasting to the aroma.
Caffè in grani - Specialty Coffee