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A true landmark for anyone who wants to learn all there is to know about coffee in technical and practical terms, from the roasting to the grinding and brewing. A school for professionals and coffee-lovers.

Emanuele Tomassi spent many years in New York and Amsterdam, where he developed a real passion for coffee, and acquired so much knowledge about it that he became totally enraptured by this world. By studying hard he became extremely competent and refined his skills working day and night in his own roaster, where he processes rigorously selected coffee, one bean at a time. This personal experience, together with the desire to spread the culture of coffee, has encouraged Emanuele to create a school dedicated to professionals wanting to specialise in the field, but also a place for coffee culture lovers. Which is why he founded his Special Academy in Aprilia, for the formation of highly-qualified professionals in the world of coffee roasting.

The Specialty Academy is situated along the via Pontina, km. 47,015, located in a former industrial building with a fascinating design. The renovation has been undertaken by architecture studio SpSk+, valorizing the existing elements and highlighting the original productive function of the building – particularly bright and sun-lit – perfect for the required activities. attività. The roasting rooms, the coffeehouse and the tasting area have been cleverly designed to enhance the modern idea of coffee.

The academy offers a wide choice of courses aimed both at an introduction to the world of work and to the acquisition of a professional qualification. Its purpose is that of preparing students for work in respect of world-codified protocols, which is why the courses on offer are all SCA certified. SCA stands for Specialty Coffee Association, an association that represents the professionals in this field around the world, and having built its reputation around expertise and shared knowledge, it is internationally recognized and gives its certificate holders the possibility of working anywhere. Furthermore, the Specialty Academy is the perfect place for those professionals who want to develop and boost their skills in order to add a touch of prestige and know-how to their profession or enterprise.

Obtaining an SCA certification or receiving a formation that follows its criteria, means acquiring the knowledge of standards and protocols, and becoming aware of scientifically-tested quantities and qualities that establish the official values related to coffee roasting. As of now, the SCA has set the standards for water, green coffee and coffee cups, which guarantee the reproducibility of the perfect cup of coffee.