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Emanuele and Tomassi Family

The Tomassi Specialty Coffee story begins in 2013 in Aprilia, in the province of Latina, when Emanuele Tomassi, master roaster and owner of a well-known local bar, decides to develop the idea of a specialty coffee culture as an alternative to the very traditional reality of an ‘espresso’ coffee at the bar.

Passion, ambition and dedication have all helped Mr Tomassi to win a great many awards over the years, such as the first prize at the Italian Championship of Coffee Roasting in 2018.

A Chinese proverb says: “He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left”. And Emanuele is well aware of it: When I moved to Denmark with my family in 2009, I met a man who was the runner-up in the world’s best barman championship and owned a micro-roastery. So I decided to start roasting coffee and liked it so much that I became a professional in the field.”.

Back in Italy, Emanuele has turned this passion into a job, traveling in search of inspiration and rapidly creating a visionary and pioneering project for a little town in central Italy like Aprilia (LT).

Marco Cremonese, a consultant, senior master roaster and SCA trainer has played a fundamental role in Emanuele’s professional growth, introducing him to the world of coffee roasting competitions and leading him to victory in the Italian Coffee Roasting Championship.

“Ours is the longest and hardest discipline of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). – Emanuele says – There was a real emotional escalation from year to year: in the first I was last, in the second I came fourth, then I came second in 2017 and finally first in 2018!”.

His project benefits from the help of his wife Elena and one of his three children, Andrè, who, despite being very young, seems well on his way to following in his father’s footsteps.