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“Every coffee bean is the result of the work of a great many people: each specialty represents a different part of the world with its culture, wisdom, level of poverty and sense of dignity. The huts the coffee pickers live in are indicative of their humble existence, but also of their great strength. Whenever I see them I think of how the same destiny and the same spirit links us in a single purpose: our enthusiastic and joyful dedication to coffee. Walking around the plantations at dawn, in the mist and dew is an emotion I need to share. And it can all be found in one cup of coffee.”
Emanuele Tomassi

Tomassi’s specialty creations derive from different “single-origin” beans coming from Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, Brazil, Tanzania, Rwanda, China, Mexico, Guatemala, Burundi and other specialist countries. The passion and dedication of the Tomassi family is also apparent in their approach to choosing the best quality coffee beans and other raw products – which often means going in person to farms in order to establish not only a professional relationship with the production team, but also a human one.

Their work ethic hasn’t neglected issues such as traceability and sustainability, which emerge, not only during the roasting process, but also at the moment of labelling. In fact, every blend is packaged with extensive details from the production farm to the variety, from the processing method to the altitude of the plantation, from the original origin to the actual city, from the roasting to the aroma. Moreover, Emanuele is responsible for adding even more information – like curiosities from the farmers’ backgrounds and explanations about the natural production process that take place on the plantations themselves.

Without ever forgoing the art of making a good espresso, the Tomassi family then concentrates on different brewing techniques that range from cold brewing to siphon brewing, from the French Press to honey processing.